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Just in time for the Cherry Festival

June 20, 2008 – 9:48 am

I would like to thank the wonderful contributors to the forum for providing us with information about the Cherry Festival in Alfarnate on Saturday June 21st.

We are just in time to get on over to this lovely village in the Axarquia to enjoy a festival featuring local cherries but including many other local products as well. And it all takes place in an idyllic setting in a village you’ll enjoy exploring.

One of our forum participants noticed that some people buy up to 20 flats of cherries at the festival and wondered what they do with all that fresh fruit. Way back in my home country, my mother used to buy loads of cherries for canning. Perhaps that could be a local tradition we haven’t yet explored. Because if they don’t can them, I can’t imagine what they would do with such highly perishable produce.

Thanks again to our highly informed forum participants. Looks like the posters for this event have only just gone up, so it’s good to have informants placed strategically throughout the region to keep us on the cutting edge! clomid cycle late

  1. 2 Responses to “Just in time for the Cherry Festival”

  2. Hi
    I’m glad this information was picked up. Although I live near to Alfarnate I haven’t been to this festival. So many things happen in the summer months that it’s impossible to go to all of them. Maybe next year………..

    By avellana on Jun 22, 2008

  3. I see this was posted in 2008. Does anyone know the date of the cherry festival this year (2009)

    By gknodel on Jun 18, 2009

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