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1 Billion Rising: Dance against violence

February 14, 2013 – 10:11 am
V Day, One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising: to support women.

Today is a worldwide action day to draw attention to the problem of violence against women.

All around the globe, events are being held where you can dance to show your support – they are called “risings”. It’s no coincidence that it’s being held on Valentine’s Day; the organisation behind it is called V-Day, and aims to raise awareness of violence against women. Twitter hashtags are #Vday and #1billionrising

To find out where the nearest rising to you, visit this page.

Here are some of the events taking place around Andalucia today.

Amor en Libertad
Algeciras, 12 midday

Almuñecar, 12.30pm

Bailemos por Eradicar La Violencia
Sevilla, 12.30pm

Orgiva, 1pm

Movilizate Danza Resurge
Alameda del Tajo, 2pm

Bailamos Contra la Violencia
Vejer de la Frontera, 6pm

Baila por una Vida Libre de Violencia
Sevilla, 6pm

Marea Violeta en Pie
Malaga, 8pm

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