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Which is the best beach in Andalucia?

July 23, 2012 – 9:00 am

Which is your favourite beach in southern Spain? Many people like to kick back on the white sands of Bolonia (number 2).

A (freebie) Spanish newspaper website started a “ranking” of Andalucia’s beaches a few weeks ago.

The ranking works on a points system – you score each beach (or whichever ones you want to) out of a possible maximum of five points. There are 30 “nominated” beaches on the list.

It was interesting to note that the first 20 places are almost entirely dominated by playas in Cadiz and Almeria, with only Granada and Huelva squeezing in a few. Malaga doesn’t appear until number 22, with Nerja.

To those of us who know Almeria’s pristine, mercifully undeveloped beaches, it’s no surprise. Curiously, many of the towns in Cadiz which feature in the top 10 are also gastronomically renowned – Rota, for its urta (sea bream); Sanlucar, for its prawns and manzanilla sherry; Bolonia, for its almadraba tuna.

According to the participants of this survey, these are the top beaches in Andalucia:

1) Playa de los Muertos (AL)

2) Bolonia (CA)

3) Cala de Monsul (AL)

Cala de Monsul, with its giant boulder (number 3).

4) Zahara de los Atunes (CA)

5) Playa de los Genoveses (AL)

The broad expanse of Playa de los Genoveses (number 5).

6) El Playazo de Rodalquilar (AL)

7) EL Espigon (HU)

8) Sanlucar de Barrameda (CA)

The beach of Sanlucar de Barrameda, popular with kitesurfers (number 8).

9) Mazagon (HU)

Mazagon is one of the closest beaches to Sevilla.

10) Playa de Rota (CA)

What is your favourite beach in Andalucia? Does it appear on this (short)list? What do you think of these choices?

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