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The Study of Touristic Intelligence

April 13, 2009 – 12:48 pm

Now that’s a fancy term there: touristic intelligence. No, I didn’t make it up. It’s a direct translation from the new “Laboratorio de Inteligencia Turística” (Touristic Intelligence Laboratory) that the regional government is creating with an initial investment of 1.5 million euros.

When I saw the news, an image flashed through my mind of white coated scientists taking CSI style samples of suitcases and souveneirs and running everything under the lens of a powerful microscope, seeking some traces of intelligence somewhere…

That’s not exactly how it works. In fact, this new organisation, which will be located in Marbella, sounds more like a centre for gathering information regarding the latest developments and technology for the tourist industry and then providing assesment and advice to any company that serves tourism in Andalucia and wishes to hop on the wagon and innovate. Services will include everything from studying your business and telling you how you can or need to innovate, to designing the project, to advising you how to carry it out. You can get help with everything from designing a new product or service to incorporating new strategies or processes into your business.

This new “lab” will be located in the Centro de Innovación Turística de Andalucia, which is set for a major remodel in order to accomodate this latest organisation designed to serve the tourist sector.

Oops! Let’s scratch that word “sector”, according to press reports, the correct term is “industry” because tourism has become so important to southern Spain’s economy, the word sector will no longer do.

I’ll leave it up to you to debate the finer points of words like “sector” and “industry” and recommend, in the meantime, that anyone providing services to Andalucia’s tourist sector get on over to the Touristic Intelligence Lab ASAP (well, as soon as it’s up and running). This is a great chance to grab one of those petri dishes and check out your company’s reflection in the glass. Just how innovative are you anyway?

Does anyone have a convenient way to measure “innovation” anyway?

Well, if you’re looking for advance information – that is, in advance of the new lab’s inauguration – check in with the Consejería de Turismo to find out when officials will be presenting the project in your area. Throughout the months of April and May, there will be special seminars held in each of Andalucia’s eight provinces to communicate about the services this government agency will offer to companies.

And one more thing: it’s free! does people become addicted to celexa

  1. 2 Responses to “The Study of Touristic Intelligence”

  2. Hi Brenda, this ‘TIA’ must surely be good news for many of our tourism-related small businesses here in the Alpujarras this year. Stand on any street corner and you can see them tightening their belts ready for the expected non-influx of UK and other non-Euro visitors.

    Thanks for another enlightening blog post!

    Regards, Arpi

    By arpishively on Apr 15, 2009

  3. Here on the Costa Tropical they have been holding a four week course in the town hall to help tourism. It was aimed at business owners (small hotels/pensions, bars/restaurants etc.) to show them how to best serve clients. Unfortunately no business owners are there and only a mixture of about 15 people are attending who had previously worked as waiters etc. The materials have been great and my partner now has three good canvas bags to carry them around in.

    Whilst the attempt to make the standard and quality of service is good at this moment the greater economic problems in europe need to pass before things will start to improve.


    By Antonio @ Costa Tropical on Jun 17, 2009

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